DeFranco Does Dublin

Philip DeFranco, a video blogger and YouTube celebrity, embarked upon his first live tour last October.  His final show, in Dublin, drew crowds of 1500 excited fans.
Nice and Secure, in charge of DeFranco’s personal protection for the entire European tour, as well as crowd control and general security operations for the Dublin event, also took on many administrative duties for DeFranco’s appearance.  Prior to the event, Jeff, Managing Director for Nice and Secure, made a scouting visit to Dublin.  He was responsible for selecting the location, arranging the venue contract, and negotiating an Irish close protection liaison to work in tandem with the security team and the venue.DeFranco began video blogging on YouTube in 2006, and has gained popularity for his ironic commentary on politics, celebrity culture, and current events.  He has over 750 million views on YouTube, and 1.9 million subscribers.  He routinely vlogs three to five times per week, and has posted over 800 videos to YouTube.  He makes his primary living from his internet presence and associated endeavors.

Upon arrival in Dublin, the Nice and Secure team arranged crowd control barriers and all the details of securing DeFranco’s talk. Colin, a security supervisor  with Nice and Secure, personally escorted DeFranco into the venue, while Jeff and other operatives secured the stage and managed the crowds.

The event was a huge success for DeFranco, and a significant job in Nice and Secure’s rota. DeFranco released the video of the event for free to the public on YouTube and his website:

Nice and Secure operatives can be seen throughout the video.  At ten seconds in, we see Colin speaking to Jeff on the radio, and then at 1.26, Colin escorts Phil into the venue.  At 4.15 and 4.45, Jeff can be seen on the right, observing the crowd throughout DeFranco’s talk.

DeFranco’s London meet-and-greet appearance in Hyde Park drew unexpectedly large crowds.  The masses of excited fans eventually required spontaneous action by Nice and Secure; Nice and Secure operatives evacuated Phil DeFranco from the park safely and calmly.