Do you recognise these clowns?

Do you recognise these clowns?

Did you happen to run into these clowns while visiting Frieze Art Fair last summer?

While operating the front gates of the fair, Nice and Secure operative Colin saw these two approaching the entrance.  Uncertain as to whether their entrance would distract from the purpose of the fair, he pulled them aside to determine whether or not they should be allowed into Frieze Art Fair.  Colin was concerned that the clowns might be promoting their own art, which was against the entrance regulations to the fair, so he had a chat with them about their costuming.

The clowns, it turned out, were university students interested in the clowns portrayed in some of the art fair’s exhibits.  They were there to show their support for the artists representing clowns in their work–not to detract from the fair or its artwork.  Colin, satisfied that their intentions were good and their behaviour would be appropriate, allowed them entrance to the fair.

They documented their experience on their blog, which can be found at  Many more photos of the clowns at the fair can be found at their blog as well.  Maybe you’ll see them again next year!