Another success for Masterpiece!

  A New Collaboration for Nice and Secure!! UK’s biggest event in the art and antiques sphere – Masterpiece – has opened its doors to thousands of visitors between the 28th of June and the 6th of July. Paintings, Sculptures, Antiques, Diamonds; you couldn’t keep up with the impressive amount of interesting expositions. Each one[…]

Jessie J at Lounge Lover

Our regular client, Lounge Lover, recently hosted the much-talked-about Jessie J / Vitamin Water release party. Jessie J’s unique body suit and new blonde-tipped hair drew almost as much attention as her musical performance at Les Tres Garçons’ glamourous cocktail bar last month.  For high-profile events such as these, Nice and Secure steps up security, adding more of our most[…]

London Fashion Week Begins

London Fashion Week starts today, Friday, 17th February, 2012. Last year’s Fashion Week saw Nice and Secure involved with some of the biggest events and shows in the business, and this year is no different, with our operatives helping to ensure the safety and comfort of the likes of Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine. The[…]


Did you happen to run into these clowns while visiting Frieze Art Fair last summer? While operating the front gates of the fair, Nice and Secure operative Colin saw these two approaching the entrance.  Uncertain as to whether their entrance would distract from the purpose of the fair, he pulled them aside to determine whether[…]

The King’s Speech…and I

Carl Gilfoyle from Nice and Secure, stands guard, as the proclaimed “King of the Bafta’s”, poses for pictures at the fashionable Vogue Bafta dinner party. Paparazzi were keen to get a snap of Collin Firth, the night before the honorary award was bestowed upon him. “The photographers were very well behaved…all but one”, commented Carl[…]

Nice and Secure Factor

Nice and Secure provide Cheryl Cole with a 3 strong human barricade as she exits the Connaught Hotel following “The Finalists” press conference. The security team huddle around Cheryl as she enters her car chased by eager paparazzi and fans. “It was a case of physically and I really mean physically pushing paps and fans[…]

The “Kate” Escape!!

Jeff Formica safely escorts Kate Moss off premises, following the Take That Sing Star event at The Tabernacle in Nottinghill. “We tried to escape the paparazzi by using the exit at the rear of the building, into a quiet street. We timed it with Kate’s driver, who was to meet us at the last second,[…]